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child left behind schools so we have lots of illustrations, and the e-book version, if you download it, it's full color. ..
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that is the number that has been repeated in the press but i said that was the lower end of the bound. i said it was likely that it was $115 billion today mr. romney's campaign issued a statement saying, that was accurate. now you saw that on the front page of "the washington post." no. i report for the number one english-language newspaper, the guardian, greatest last story about romney billionaires covered the entire front page of the newspaper and by last story about mr. romney and his billionaires was at the top of the nightly news for bbc television where i'm an investigative reporter. now i know that in case you don't know what investigative reporting is, it's not done here because it's a violation of the patriot act three which is why you haven't seen me on any of
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the local, the peacock or the foxhole or the eyewall, or even "msnbc" but some of you got that. mr. romney and his money. that is all right as governor romney himself would say. in america we like to celebrate success, and his success is nothing compared to his partners. three billionaires who operate hedge funds, partnered with romney on a takedown of the treasury in the auto bailout. three guys earned $4.2 billion from the u.s. treasury. you remember that from the debate, right? no one asks, no one is answering that begin today, we got the confirmation from the romney
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campaign. now, what is this all about? and what does it have to do with the congo? i was reporting for bbc television and the guardian. when i found out that someone had figured out how to dip their hands, their claws into the foreign aid fund, the debt relief given to the republic of congo which is suffering a cholera epidemic. this money was intended to be used, $90 million intended to be used to in the cholera epidemic in the congo and yet it was waylaid by a bird of prey, a vulture, a vulture fund, a guide -- managed by a guy named paul singer. is other middle name is elliott. paul elliott singer who has accompanied by a good name of elliott management so i went up
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the congo river for abc television to find out what happened and i found elliott management had their claws around the cholera of money for the congo. we reported it on bbc television and the very next day the parliament voted unanimously to outlaw the tactics of the vulture, and one of the congo got some of its money. germany outlawed paul the vulture singer and his activity. south america, everywhere he tries to perch, his activities are outlawed as manipulative and at times fraudulent and a threat to the world financial system let alone collar at the tombs. but then i saw something interesting. i was looking through the end
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romney blind trust. now, you can see these figures on here and you can see some of these places where she has put her money. of course when i say her, and code doesn't have her own money. it is of course transferred from it and the ann romney trust. i should amend that, the ann romney on trust because you can see right through it. you can see right through it. right there, if you can see the yellow line is elliott management, elliott associates. it turns out that a vast chunk of the romney fast wealth is not in bain capital. it is not in chrysler. a it is in -- put in the hands of the vulture. now, what have they done besides the congo takedown? i don't know if the romney's are in on it as i would need to see
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their 2009 taxes. i have asked. the dog ate it. but i was able to do some investigation and i did find that one thing for certain, that they were part and parcel of a move move bond enjoyed because it's illegal, the vulture's activity in the congo and europe and elsewhere. it's not illegal in the united states where the vultures landed in detroit. now folgers fees when things die. so when mr. romney says, let detroit go bankrupt, but it died, what we are doing is creating a feast for the vulture. here is what they did. the u.s. government under obama
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and under by the way george bush -- it's not obama's bailout even though he pumps his chest and takes the applaud and beatings for it, was created by george w. bush voted in october and december. it was taken over by obama in the meantime. the a bomb administration picking up for bush came up with a deal to save three companies, general motors, chrysler and delphi. what is delphi? delphi is the old telco auto parts division of gm. you know delco batteries. we had gm that desperate to cut off its own parts and set off delphi as a separate company which immediately pretty quickly went bankrupt. well, down went the vulture's and they pick.delphi corp. out of bankruptcy court for 67
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cents, a darned good deal for the entire auto parts division of general motors. 67 cents a share. within two years they flipped it. they went public at $22 a share. share. that is it 3200% prophet that they weren't done. they weren't done. delphi had 29 plans in the u.s. and the delphi group sold it back to gm and the rest, every single plant was sold, was sent off to china. every single uaw job, everyone, 25,200 uaw workers including -- i got a call from michael moore. his dad had the delphi plant and flint michigan. every job sent to china, every one. now that was not the plan.
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obama's administration came up with the deal with the owner of detroit to take over the delphi unit and basically give it back to general motors. gm, the pistons and the u.s. government would buy back delco auto parts and give it back to general motors to put its parts back on. but the vultures had secretly bought up, including and particularly romney's syndicatee debt cheaply. that is how these guys operate. they buy have forgotten old debts for 20 cents on the dollar and they use that, those pieces of basically worthless garbage paper to a trick in the chapter 11 bankruptcy code to say we'll does, we own delphi and by the way, if you don't give us our money, $12.9 billion
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it was, $12.9 billion, we will cut off your parts and here is a "meant. this is a quote from romney syndicate. lee will shut you down. that is what they told the u.s. treasury, general motors, we will shut you down. by the way elliotts today, mr. singer's group said that they never threatened or shut down delphi. ballowe didn't. they threaten to shut down general motors and chrysler to put them out of business. i'm not talking bankruptcy. i'm talking about liquidation, demolish the plant incented all to china. they got their $12.9 billion from the u.s. treasury, half of it pensions from the pensions benefit corporation have a half of the t.a.r.p. and general motors. that made their shares worth billions so that the three
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billionaires in the hedge fund made $4.2 billion romney personally made our best estimate, and again today he confirms a profit and he hasn't confirmed a number, $150 million into the end romney so-called blind trust. now, that is the last chapter of the book. you have got to read the whole extra comic book. it turned out to be a fun book because the corrosion of our democracy is purchased in sale, shipped off to china, is really quite humorous to be written whole thing and i want to thank bobby kennedy jr.. robert kennedy jr. for writing to important chapters in the book including the takeover, the hostel takeover of america and the good chapter on ballot staff. there are nine ways -- though one of the subtitles is how to steal an election in 9 easy
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steps and we take you through you. i want to give you some numbers. don't take it down, just get the book. all proceeds are nonprofit. it's official, in 208,750 and 50,023 provisions never counted, 1,451,116 ballots were spoiled and 488,136 absentee ballots were cast and not counted as the 2.7 million ballots in the dumpster. that was last time and this time it will be bigger. then, 3.2, 3.2 million people, american citizens were removed from the voter rolls broke kinds of wonderful and bogus reasons, purged. in fact for those of you who do not know greg palast, most people here do know that i broke a story back in 2000 about how kathryn harris and jeb bush
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knocked off tens of thousands of black folk off the voter rolls, calling them balance. if you have a felony conviction in florida you cannot vote. fine, so they caught all these felons and they removed him from the voter rolls. how do i know they were black? in florida every african-american has black next to their name. that is by law. so it's very easy to target black voters. now, as it turns out i started going through these names. i will give you one name, okay? from in the book here where i show you the actual purge list in "billionaires & ballot bandits." there is a mr. robert moore convicted of a felony crime and so all the black robert moore's in florida lost their. there are a few in florida but
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not only robert moore's from florida but brought moore, bobby more's they said these were covers for for the spell in trying to, including mrs. bobby moore. mr. moore gets convicted of a crime and mrs. bobby moore loses her vote but they got thing -- one thing right. she is b. al: a and by the way when i say she is, this is not from kathryn harrison's list. this is from a current list used by the state of florida, in which every single voter on this list, everyone, no exception, their only crime is voting while black. we can't find -- "the new york times" took four years to pick up the story for me, for years and it was on top of the bbc nightly news and they said the list was flawed. no, it's not flawed.
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investigative reporting requires you find the look, look at the listing go through the list. the attorney general of the state of florida and i said let's go through and let's arrest any illegal felon. wide just take away someone's right to vote? if someone robs a bank you don't closer bank account. you arrest them. i said these are people committing a felony crime. would you arrest them? absolutely. let's go through the list. after 45,000 make the got kind of tired not finding juan. there were six out of 93,000, six possible and not one prosecution. six possible and they got one. a republican candidate. [laughter] one. that is how it is played. this year it will be worse than ever. and i will tell you why. i told you about the three billionaires that made
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$4.2 billion with mr. romney and his $150 million but they also did something else. the each gave $1 million to the romney campaign, mainly for group called restore our future, a group of 37 billionaires put together. paul the vulture singer. now, if they wanted to use their money to convince us that we need a president with a versace force and a car elevator that is just fine with me. god bless america, as then what you want to convince me. that is what we do and that is free speech. it is what they are doing -- most of the money is going to karl rove's charitable organization. it's not a super pac that a charitable organization under the irs code. that would let the citizens united decision and another decision called speech now, churches like the christian
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coalition and charities like american crossroads can get involved in politics. what do they use the money for? quick something called data trust. a datamining system which is joined with another datamining search them created by the koch brothers. you put together big coke and karl rove's data trust and you have one heck of a datamining system, including as they say proudly, we can tell if the voter has bought pornography the week before the vote. they have your credit card purchase information. they have -- they know you better than your mom, okay? unlike your mom they don't hesitate to go through your underwear drawer and that is, if you're wondering how people get purged off of voter roads -- voter rolls is by datamining
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systems that are given to friendly politicians to do the job. these datamining systems are used to allow drone strikes on voters across america so now, that is why i have taken the story of the congo, taken the story of the congo and taken it to detroit and now i'm taking it to florida because that is how the game is played. now do i know that they do these things? heaven forbid, or is it just something i fear they might do? i wish i could say fear was my concern but i don't work by fear as a reporter. i work by evidence and by the way if you are true blue -- maniacs here, don't stay for the whole thing because i'm going to go through his billionaires too. there's plenty of room for both in "billionaires & ballot bandits," okay? that is part of the problem. that is part of the game.
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you have to understand. i'm not saying it's even are the same but i am saying that -- there is a war of billionaires some both sides and i'll get to that story but now the evidence has changed. back in 04, working with the bbc at midnight i get a call from my one of assistants who said we are getting e-mails, confidential e-mails from karl rove. i said no we are not. it was by john wooden. i said john wouldn't run to web site. they're pulling your leg. i said now. it was sent to me these e-mails from karl rove's office from the republican national committee that were meant for brent doster, the republican chairman of the bush campaign who today is the chairman of the florida romney campaign.
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now, bbc does not allow me to read other peoples e-mails and by the way how did this happen? apparently it was sent by one of rove's right-hand man, and right-hand claws named tim griffith. not the sharpest knife in the drawer which explains why he's he is a congressman today. so tim sent out these e-mails but instead of sending these private combatants of e-mails to the republican, to the web domain,, he sent them to which is the web site owned by my friend. now i'm not allowed to look at people's e-mails if they are accidentally sent to us, and unless there is evidence of criminality. so i brought the e-mails and look, i brought the e-mails to a law professor of robert f.
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kennedy jr. and he looked at these e-mails and he said, and that quote in the book, they should be in jail. rove, his right-hand man griffin. why? what's going on here? something called caging lists. caging lists. well, caging lists as i found out from some experts, are are a direct mail term. they were sending letters, the rnc underwrote and again the new system they have is called data trust which is an explosive version of the system they were using at first what these caging letters. they sent letters to voters after registration, if the voters -- they wrote do not forward, excuse me, if the letter was forwarded, came back to rove and one into a cage. that is why it is called caging letters and then these names were put on a list and given to
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secretaries of state or county elections officials that would be sympathetic and those voters lost their vote because they were obviously fraudulent voters. you don't live at the address you put down. you are a liar and your criminal and should not be allowed to vote and all those black students who got those letters in august, maybe they were not fraudulent voters. maybe they were just going to visit their parents but the letter said do not forward. they were sent to college students at black colleges in august. they were sent to homeless shelters where not everyone gets their mail that you can register to vote. they were sent -- they would send them to elderly jewish voters in miami. that is not against the law. you were not supposed to lose your vote so they're going after the elderly of zion and, if you look at, here we go.
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if you look in the book you will see -- here it is. page 116. you will have to get closer and grab a copy. you have to buy a copy to actually see this but each one of these names has the same address, already suspicious in the same address for hundreds of voters were challenged, fraudulent votersvoters, naval air station jacksonville florida. naval air station, naval air station, naval air station. they were sending letters to soldiers of color at military bases. do not forward. when the soldiers are not there, the letters go back to the caging list and they are challenged and they lose their vote. they go to iraq, they lose their vote, mission accomplished. now, by the way, what is so wonderful about this crime, it's
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nearly invisible. if i didn't get these internal e-mails, if i didn't get these internal e-mails, we would not have known about it because when the soldier stands in sends in their ballot from afghanistan, which you're about to do even if you're a black soldier, when there soldiers and their vote from afghanistan, talk to the soldiers. they thought they had voted. they said i mailed in my ballot. yeah but you run a challenge list. it didn't count except no place systematically informs the voter that they have been challenged. if you mail in your ballot my good friend, at 10:00 p.m. on election do you know where your absentee ballot is? does anyone tell you where discounted? only oregon has it by statute and in florida they sure as hell don't. they definitely don't so
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therefore, 488,000 ballots were thrown in the garbage is not just anyone's ballots. that is the trick. are you ready for this? one of the nine ways to steal the is called spoilage. some technical problem like your chat is hung or a mismarked on the ballot in the machine kicks it out. all right, that happens. 1.4 million ballots were glitched but who cares if it's random that is only 1% of the ballots cast but it is not even. here's the figure i want you to consider. from the u.s. civil rights commission which analyzed the in the dumpster, the ballots that were cast, if you are african-american, the chance of your ballot will get spoiled is 900% higher than if you are a white voter.
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that ain't no accident. it's an apartheid vote counting system we have in america. we are back to jim crow. not jim crow, it stopped or james crow systems analyst. that is how it is working. that is the new gimmick we are trying, that is happening and that is where the monies being spent and that's what makes the data trust dangerous. if they want to use it to pick out people who bowl and say bowlers made paul ryan fine but what if you are doing is mailing letters to soldiers on active duty with the game of challenging them, that is a crime according to bobby kennedy. and i have to say, while al gore grabbed his ankles in 2000 after he read, personally read my story that was breaking in england. this was before the supreme court ruled that thousands of like people were banished from the voter rolls in florida and after john kerry med -- read my
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book armed madhouse, he said that is why they lost the election and one of the last bills he introduced to make the stuck illegal on its face. right now you have to prove that it's racially biased. they are going after old jewish ladies and going after native americans. one of their big targets in the south. they say, we are just trying to look for the fraudulent voter. oh yeah, the fraudulent voter. bad as the new red scare. that is the new sleeper cell, fraudulent voter. there could be a fraudulent voter in this room. more likely there would be a 90-foot tarantula in this room because in the last year, there were six voters convicted of voter fraud, where someone for example steals your identity and
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for you. why? because people don't put down their names and addresses when they steal them. but looking for the fraudulent voter, we knock out 5.9 million illegal voters. for every fraudulent voter, there are 1 million legal voters who lose their vote. as doctors told when wang has said, it's more like me you would be hit by lightning than commit voter fraud and in fact i looked up and it is 60 times more likely you will be hit by lightning. but this is the game, this is the excuse. they are coming, the alien voters. their one and -- there were 182,000 illegal voters according to governor scott, in florida right now. okay. i said to governor scott, 182,000 illegal alien voters? that's amazing because i know a
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few people without documents and i don't know a single one that goes by name and address so they can vote. how many people give illegal aliens, give their name and address but florida's unusual, 180,000 which makes an amazing sense of the felony crime. go to jail, felony crime and then you are deported. that is the biggest crime wave in american history, 180,000 illegal alien voters. i said let's go arrest them. you don't want lists. you want the national guard called up. let's arrest these people. they haven't. one, the guy from canada, a republican, one. i did make an offer. i gave him an incentive, the governor. i said if you find not 182,000 illegal voters but one in 1000 that are guilty, that's 182.
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you find 182 and us them i will -- in the capitol rotunda and i'm still hungry. we laughed but that is 182,000 people it won't be voting. tens of thousands of soap called felon voters. one of my favorites by the way is 50,000 voters, felon voters, ex-con voters who are purging the voter rules in colorado by the woman i called a persian general because she makes kathryn harris look like thomas jefferson heels and bad make up. and she eliminated 50,000 ex-con voters in colorado which is quite amazing not only that there are 50,000 ex-cons willing to go back to jail according to her but didn't look it up and of course it's not illegal for an ex-con to vote in colorado. that is one of the biggest con
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jobs, the ex-con jumped we are getting. that is the biggest single unregistered group of voters in the united states, not hispanics, not young people. its ex-cons, 16 million ex-cons who have the right to vote in the united states of america but believe they don't. it's only in florida, alabama, saudi arabia, and china where ex-cons cannot vote but in america you have a record you can vote. you had a little blow and got caught like their current president, but you can still vote but like our last president, president clinton you can get a lot of blows and shoulder your vote in a couple of places like florida. now, that is the con so you ask yourself where is the democratic party? remember them? the democratic party. the biological problem as you
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know as many of you have taken american biology is democrats -- jellyfish don't have spines and don't count and political parties to save your vote. it's not even right now. remember the jim crow laws were written by democrats and used today by republicans and analyst. is bipartisan apartheid my friends. history moves in waves. when i was in new mexico, one of the worst dates in florida and ohio and new mexico led terms of the loss of. george bush won new mexico in 2004 by 5000. it's amazing. most of voters or minority citizens, hispanic, overwhelmingly democrat. how do you end up with a republican governor and republican senator and george bush?
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they threw 30,000 in the garbage including the for the soldier -- do they have the special soldier present, absentee ballots for soldiers. every single ballot by a soldier in that entire precinct, not one soldier voter voted for the president of the united states. not one. it's amazing. i called the secretary of state and i said, what's going on here? you didn't have a single vote for president of the united states and not a single vote for anything. all these people milled in their ballots from overseas but they didn't vote. i said, what happened? the secretary of state said, and remember almost every person is hispanic or native american, she said those people, those people can't make up their minds, not
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one. the secretary of state was rebecca kilgore wrote, a hispanic democrat. what is going on here? what is going on here is that class for by their means. the elite of the democratic party of mexico led by the great hispanic, william richardson, do not want poor hispanics taking over their party. they don't want pueblo natives taking over their party. so both democrats and republicans go after the same, disenfranchise the same voters, voters of color or the weakest, the young. both parties covered that the game and i hate to bring this up my true blues, but don't forget that mr. obama won his first office as state senator by disenfranchising 1000 black voters in his district which is where i live by the way.
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removed their names. so it is a game played by both parties. unfortunately the victims are always the same color and the same income group, the vulnerable, class war. right now there's no question that the democrats are doing it and the republicans are doing it but republicans do it wholesale. the republicans have the big datamining operations that cost 40, $50 billion each to develop while demott kratzer playing with their floppy disks so it is the balance has shifted for 2012. not shifted so much to the republicans because that is just -- for shifted to the billionaires, the hands and the public,
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mr. sanger of the the vulture and his buddy, is other billionaire buddy and let me just bring up a couple more. i mentioned seamus, the koch brothers. oh yeah we are going after couple more and by the way there are four brothers. you will get the whole pack in "billionaires & ballot bandits," not just david and charles but you get billy, the "playboy" and senior, fred senior, fred jr., excuse me. they are worth $50 billion. what do you want when you have everything if you are billionaire? you just want another billion. people say, talk about the coke's is being republicans. it's not true. david coke was going to run for kansas as a democrat my friends. they don't have parties. they have profit centers right now and in fact dave just
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switched his registration to republican so he could be -- so why are the coke rather is putting together something called americans for prosperity in which they are raising a quarter billion, 60 billion of their own money cracks why? impunity, impunity. if the mob can steal a police badge, can take over the police station, that is the perfect crime. celeb may go back a little ways. in "billionaires & ballot bandits" we have the story of the koch brothers that you have never heard because before i was an investigative reporter, i was an investigator. i work for the federal government and i worked for american native tribes, and
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there was a case that i was asked to investigate of oil missing from the osage indian reservation in oklahoma. you know those metal forces they go up and down? they produce so little oil that you bring in a truck and take the oil out of the tank and oil was being pilfered by these guys in tanker trucks. they would write down that they would take 60 barrels of oil and they took 70. they would take 50 and write down 40. pilfering a few barrels of oil here and there. petty thefts but it was adding up and it's a federal crime. so the fbi staked out these trucks and filmed them stealing. we pulled the trucks back to the loading dock in oklahoma. these are trucks from koch industry, trucks that had an agreement that they were just cheating. it wasn't just driver stealing off the top and selling them to broke broque ers. not exact but because on the
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loading dock a big tall white guy was standing there saying i want more, more overage. now overage, term used for the skim and the guy standing there calling for more ore bridge was charles should -- charles koch i have one question as an investigator. the guy was already worth billions at that time. today he's worth over $20 billion. he got it from his daddy who had built oil refineries for joe stalin and made a billion and came back to the u.s. and founded the john birch society so the koch brothers got their money field fascist way. silvie already had his billions, so why? why does he need a couple of
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bucks from a poor indian family in the middle of oklahoma? and i know the answer because the same question was asked of him by some of the executives who worked for him and we know his answer because they were wired. we have the tapes in the transcripts and charles koch said, i want my fair share and that is all of it. so that is why. and what did they want? all of it. all of it. that is what i was saying. coming back, delphi corporation as paul the vulture's finger said today in response to my nation article, they never
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throated throw into the fashion i threaten to close down delphi. they just. they just closed down america. they close down all the lands in america, 25,000 jobs coming union jobs lost and exactly 25,000 jobs created. i would say romney created 25,000 jobs in china. when you get a gm car today, just remember that the american-made general motors car, in fact all the parts and delphi are shipped from the people's republic of china. now, because they wanted all. how do you lead and still make money quest dojo pension obligations? no. they got out of it and you paid it. one of the cute thing. hit wasn't good enough to pocket the 6 billion from the u.s. pension corporation. they had to blame it on obama. in fact the romney campaign has
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now risen not denying that romney made $115 million or that he made 4 billion because once i went to the paper trail and by the way they involved me so i know these guys. the numbers are there. they couldn't tonight but they said it is because of obama that the jobs are lost and because of his bail out. he threw it out the window and they caught him. the idea again, it was the romney group which refuse to pay the pension. there has been some ads out blaming obama for not taking care of the nonunion workers, that it was somehow a payoff to the union workers that they got their pensions but the nonunion workers didn't.
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excuse me. the union workers did not get any help from from the aplomb administration which impact was willing to cut their pension, just so you know true blues. the obama administration told she had to cut the union pensions that were owed at delphi, but gm said we have a corporate obligation and we certainly don't want angry unhappy workers making our parts. so gm's owners step up and pay the uaw workers at delphi's owners, mr. romney and his big donors, refused to pay them so the pension benefit guaranty corp. took over the salary workers pensions that by law cannot be more than $60,000 a year and by law have to make nasa productions. people lost 30, 40% of their pensions. there've been several suicides and i just talked to the taylor family. they have gone into bankruptcy and their home was foreclosed and company, a indiana and blame
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mr. obama. now, i do too. i do too because they let it happen. hostility, it's really in the end a split. there is a difference. now i will say that i'm never going to be one of those people that says they are all the same. i am not partisan and i'm not going to tell you how to vote. that would be arrogant and it would make me ill to have to enforce any of it. especially if you know the rest of the story on some of these parties. i know everyone was praising mr. clinton but by the way how did the koch brothers get out of getting into prison? i'm just wandering around through the book. to get all the stories so how did they get out of it because i actually have right here, the indictment of charles coke in the chapter called target, 67c.
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after all we have the photos, we have the evidence, everything. we have koch saying it. how did he get away with that? there was an indictment written. federal racketeering crime, theft of federal property, so what's going on? how did he get out of a? the answer is, back then, the u.s. prosecutor drew that up and served as the pleasure of the u.s. editor of that state, the u.s. senator don nichols was not pleasured by one of his big donors being set up or indictment mr. charles koch. so the prosecutor was banking coke's buddy shut down the grand jury without being allowed to see the evidence and they wrote a letter to koch saying don't worry, you're not going to be indicted. it like a get out of jail free card. that is how it works. that was enough because he had
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350 -- after they stole the oil, they opened the sludge into the rivers and they got caught. how did he get out of that one? the answer is they needed a news congress to change the laws. secretly, $25 billion is dumped into the republican campaign for congress. shock. for the first time in half a century the republicans under newt gingrich take control of congress under a contract for america which the center for investigative reporting said what it was designed for the koch brothers to get them off the hook. it was written by the koch brothers. and so, they were able to maneuver the law so they couldn't be criminally indicted but there was a problem because to get rid of the criminal
8:47 pm
complaint, the law was broken because it turns out where did this money come from, the 25 million? the came from a group called campaign for our children's future. now who are these people concerned about our children's future? they seem to be concerned, all their money was spent on nothing but slamming and saying things like the one democrat running for congress was the one who beat his wife. it was true but it was still pretty nasty. but, the money was put through something called triad which is the name of the chinese money laundering game and who is behind triad? the koch industries. now at the time, it was illegal for a corporation to donate money to political campaigns, right? so, a little group name citizens united, shorten the story and
8:48 pm
you'll have more in the book. a little group name citizens united came to the supreme court and they could actually conceal -- i could use corporate money for political campaigns. so who was united behind the citizen's? most importantly citizens united, how did they get the most expensive lawyer in america to argue their case? well he was not volunteering. here was taking a break from his job and counsel to koch industry. industries. citizens united decision didn't just make corporate donations, corporate money in campaigns legal. it decriminalized the activities of the koch brothers that they were all ready in the midst of. basically they decriminalized the crime they were committing. that is how the game is played and by the way, i have something called ballot incorporated in here. it's not just the coke back --
8:49 pm
koch brothers. i know who they are and i know what they want. all of it. the other question is, when they say what do they want, who are these guys? i know that paul the vulture singer and the auto bailout buddies put in a million each and the iceman has put in 20 million. iceman simmons, 20 million. not a republican, but it doesn't matter. again it's nonpartisan. i know these guys and i know what they want and you will find out all the billionaires in here. but there was also this character. they gave a million dollars to the romney campaign. there are corporations believe me giving money. on the other side. >> so i look looked it up and i can't hind. the revenues are $80,000 a year so that is pretty generous and then i look at who is in charge. here's here is a picture of gee.
8:50 pm
he is a mean guy. he is in fact a mexican drug lord assassin, who gave a million dollars to the romney campaign. but don't worry, because he is actually a mexican drug lord from the game grand theft auto. you see, he's too dimensional and do you know what? it's perfectly legal. now, we don't know, it's one for the koch's to get their millions and the iceman of the vulture but there is the f aid corp. and there is new order clothing. who is new order clothing? it is the clothing company that will -- it used to be that you not only had have to be a person who breathed, had a name but it was
8:51 pm
also an american citizen and no one has been talking about this except for bruce ginsburg. justice ginsburg said to the chief justice mr. roberts, anyone from saudi arabia to donate money? ted olson jumped up and said yes. why not? roberts said congress can take care of that matter. sure they will. i'm waiting. intact i remember when john mccain suddenly disappeared from the campaign for about a month when someone brought up mr. adelson who was in is in jerusalem with his millions of dollars and mccain said that has nothing to do with support for israel. that money is from china. mr. adelson doesn't have anything. that is the sands corporation. does anyone remember the last
8:52 pm
time frank sinatra sang at the sands? i mean right now it's an old funky hotel. motel six doesn't have that many bed bugs and he said i was just at the sands. where does the sands get these millions in billions? the sands corporation at that little footprint, that piece of dirt in vegas but all their money is from macau, from china. you don't operate in china unless you are actually fronting for the princelings of the politburo. we know where that money has come from and we know why mr. romney, don't we? don't we? barack obama just put massive tariffs on auto parts from china and for all the china bashing that mr. romney is going to be doing tonight, take my word for
8:53 pm
it, he refused to back the tariffs on auto parts is almost all the auto parts come from a company called delphi owned by? now, so now give world happy that romney is sold 30 with chinese money on mike the reality's family money. if the chinese indonesians. interestingly you will read in the book they met 95 times, these billionaires and their buddies. 95 times with president clinton in the oval office and that means clinton bread with riyahdi's more often than with chelsea. [laughter] so but made these guys so attractive that -- what's up? you are reading the book they did a number of very good favors for hillary.
8:54 pm
they did a number of good favors for bill clinton and no one can still explain a million dollars in the democratic party coffers that seem to have come from china but we don't have to look at that anymore because now it is perfectly legal. both parties want it that way. remember i told you about the coke druthers? the democratic leadership county. how do you go from the dogpatch of the oval office? he wrote this thing called the democratic leadership counsel which is the anti-democratic wing to the anti-democratic party. and, $150,000 donation from charles and david koch. so how does it work? i want to give thanks to a
8:55 pm
republican senator. i have a lot of republican politicians and you will see the story of the wonderful federal prosecutor in here, a republican who went after the koch's and lost his job, went after rove. senator fred thompson. remember law and order, the lawman? he was going to bust the koch druthers. there was a scam with a children's future and try at. he was going to bus them. he really was and then he was also going to bust their riyahdi's from clinton. he didn't need the money. he was a star, and then senators and staffers said he was chairman of the investigations committee at the time and they said no, no, no. you are not going after the koch's and you are not going after the riyahdi's is we are making a trade. democrats aren't going to touch
8:56 pm
that koch's and it was a trade of billionaires and his investigation of both were stopped on the same page before they could take any substantive evidence and his committee will shut down, his power was taken away although he was allowed to keep the blonde counsel that he had. but that is how it was played. there is one club, the billionaires boys club. of course like any little club they have fights over who gets to be president of the treehouse but it's still one club. don't forget. now, just because -- that doesn't mean there'll the same and in fact i want to give credit to the president and the secretary of state clinton because in april -- though if you are wondering by the way why they are angry and squawking and squealing and going berserk. i told you about the congo.
8:57 pm
remember he sees the money from the congo in the two in the cholera epidemic. now, he also has gone after detroit but here's the big one. he went after argentina. many of you saw in the post that sailing ship that was seized, the old pirate vessel. that is because the pirate who seized it is paul the vulture singer. one of those masts and i think the parrot on the deck is now owned by mitt romney's blind trust. bad is the romney operation. i can see that anywhere in any u.s. paper. there are a lot of pictures of the pirate ship that was seized by the argentine navy but let me tell you something. that is the biggest battle on this planet which is not about syria. it's not about pakistan. that sailing ship is the naval
8:58 pm
action of the biggest battle on this planet. paul the vulture singer, and romney are co romney has a piece of it. a small piece but you know a couple hundred million. a small piece. these vultures have attacked the nation of argentina saying that all the money that argentina once owned many years ago, new york banks -- do we care about the story oh argentine bank. argentine defaulted. no they didn't. they said we are not paying you a serious raid and if they did well and they did because they were not being killed, we will give you peace of argentina. they have citibank in jpmorgan and we have stock in argentina which was doing very well and then call the vulture singer swooped down and said that's fine just like he did with delphi and the auto parts. i have got you by the parts in
8:59 pm
detroit and now i have you in argentina. he doesn't want to just bring the argentine economy to its knees. he wants to bring united bank of switzerland, citibank, jpmorgan. a bank of america, he said all the money they have too. now he can go after the congo but not enough. you can go after argentina and you can go after detroit. it's not nice. you can go after citibank and united bank of switzerland and our president is really angry. so he was secretary of state clinton, takes a very unusual nearly unprecedented action of going before the courts, the federal courts here in washington to say, this man's actions, his vulture fund action and that includes romney, their

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